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Cooljag Falcon 4 Quad Heatpipe PWM CPU Cooler - JYC8A03A-A


The Cooljag Falcon 4 Quad Heatpipe PWM CPU Cooler is designed specifically for the new Socket LGA 1366 to cool the new Intel Core i7 processors. Four copper heatpipes pull heat away from the pure copper base to a large array of angled fins cooled by a quiet, integrated 80 mm fan. The PWM connector allows your motherboard to throttle the fan speed from 2500 RPM all the way down to a dawdling 900 RPM to keep your processor cool without hurting your ears.
Cooljag Falcon 4 Quad Heatpipe PWM CPU Cooler -  JYC8A03A-A(图1)
Solid Copper Base & Four 6mm Copper Heat Pipes
SkiveTek Heatsink
3 Types of Ultra-Thin Aluminum Fins
Socket 775 / 1366 / K8 / AM2
1 x PWM Controlled 92mm Fan
Universal Application
30° Angled Heatpipes
Compatibility: Intel LGA 775, LGA 1366, AMD K8, AM2
Material: Aluminum
Product No. JYC8A03A
Active / Passive: Active
Solutions: TOWER
Socket: LGA1366 / LGA775 / AM2, K8
Dimensions: 128 x 105 x 119mm
Fastener: Screw+back plate
Fan Dimensions: 92 x 25mm
Fan Speed(rpm) 900~2500
Fan Airflow(CFM) 23.79~46.5
Fan Bearing Type One Ball One Sleeve
Voltage Rating 12V
Noise Level (dB): 15~24
Connector: 4-Pins
Process Yes
Thermal Compound: Stacked fin w/ heat pipe + skiving